Registered Sales Assistant

A Registered Sales Assistant usually works for a financial company to help customers make investment decisions. The position involves working under a registered representative to help increase earnings. The registered sales assistant must have excellent customer service skills to retain current customers and find new ones. Communication with clients is necessary and may occur in person, electronically, over the phone, and/or through the mail.

Tasks performed by the registered sales assistants may include providing information (such as market information) to customers every day, as well as performing data entry regarding customer files and financial transactions.

When customers encounter problems, the registered sales assistant needs to work to find solutions and/or pass the information along to the registered representative if necessary. The assistant acts as a link between the representative and the customer, as well as assists the registered representative in areas such as scheduling and providing information related to current and prospective customers.

Usually, registered sales assistant positions require a high school diploma or equivalent, although additional education may be required or preferred. Experience working for a financial or brokerage company is sometimes needed, and extensive market-related knowledge is important as well. Some licensing may be required ultimately, Series 65/66 licensing and Life Insurance. Registered sales assistants generally work in an office setting during regular business hours, although overtime may occasionally be necessary depending on their organization’

Registered Sales Assistant Tasks

  • Provide customer service; answer inquiries for current and prospective clients, discuss market fluctuations, and resolve account problems.

  • Perform research, create accounts, transfer funds and entering trade orders.
  • Initiate paperwork and documents to update records, accounts, and databases.
  • Support one or more brokers with client management duties.
  • Provide administrative support, such as; draft correspondence, travel, scheduling and presentation coordination.

We are willing to provide comprehensive training for the candidate who has no practical experience but show exceptional communications and computer skills. If your experience has marketing or public relations that would be a plus.