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One of the key advantages to starting as an Agent or Financial Advisor with Thrive is we provide you a comfortable business environment that allows you to build a business at your own pace without the pressure. You work closely with a mentor who will help you focus on the right activities necessary to build your business and your career.

In order to offer clients products and services, our consultants must be properly licensed and appointed. The required licenses vary according to specific state and product requirements.

A Complete Training and Development Program

Our Advisor Development Program allows individuals who are new to the industry to learn the business at their own pace while equipping them with the tools necessary to become professional financial advisors.

Thrive has an education first approach to working with client and developing our new agents so that they can manage the process for evaluating their client’s needs.  Our training program provides the tools and resources our associates need to position themselves as proactive financial advisors.

Here are the first steps:

  • Licensing & Registration – We operate in a highly regulated industry and new Agents/Advisors are required to obtain various insurance and securities industry licenses.
  • Field Training – Experienced financial advisors will work with you to help you start building a client base, earning an income and building your business. This mentorship program gives you an edge by providing you real and practical experience that gets you on the path to long term success.
  • Professional Development – While licensing provides you the core knowledge and field training the hands on experience, there is much to learn as you become a professional financial advisor. Consistent training programs and personal coaching provide you the essential skills you need to be successful. The process is ongoing and our network of financial advisors share best practices to keep everyone up to date on industry developments and what’s working. In addition to the training program, our financial advisors have a clear development path that helps them advance their career and achieve their goals.
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